The Unique Announcement

Hello Emmanuel,

The announcement has been made.  I’ve gone and done it.  No backing out now.

What:  Pastor Joe’s Bicycle Trip

From:  Casper, Wyoming

To:  Batavia, Ohio

Distance: 1,430 miles

Duration:  18 days (June 14th – July 1st)

Why:  To bring hope and faith to Brisas Del Mar, Columbia;

To help a community heal from tragedy;

To serve the poorest of the poor;

To empower and equip Emmanuel to be God’s Church

To help with the costs of supplies and travel

How:  To pray a LOT

Pastor Joe getting in biking shape by June (no more cookies)

Vehicle support (Bill Maskiell)

Sleeping in United Methodist Churches along the way (or hotels or fields or Bill’s truck)

To gain sponsorships from:


Friends and Families of Emmanuel

Bike Shops between here and Wyoming

United Methodist Churches between here and Wyoming

Lots of pedaling!

Daily updates via facebook and other media outlets

How can you help?

Get the word out

Make a pledge

Invite your friends and families to make pledges


Bike with Pastor Joe (not for faint of heart)

Ride with Bill in the truck for 18 days (also not for faint of heart)

Volunteer to assist with promotional material (t-shirts, websites, etc)

More information will be available as time goes by.  Stay tuned.  This will be quite a project and lots of help will be needed.

God is Good,


Pastor Joe