Who Is Your Saint?

Hello Emmanuel,

A few notes of information:

First, the time change is Saturday night.  Fall back 1 hour

Second, only one service on Sunday at 10:00, lunch afterwards; meat provided; bring a side dish

Third, remember the many ways you can help Brisas Del Mar

  • Emmanuel-umc.com – make a donation
  • Designate a donation and put in the offering plate
  • Find the link to the GoFund me page on Emmanuel’s facebook page
  • Buy or sell a ticket(s) to the Veteran’s Dinner on November 12th

November 1st is All Saints Day.  It is a day to remember those who have gone before us; who taught us the Faith; who lived as an example; who showed commitment to Christ; consistency in the Church; loved as a rule, not an exception.

Who is your saint?  A grandmother?  A Sunday School Teacher?  A coach?  A neighbor?

Take time this week to give thanks to God for giving you people to teach you His ways.  Not everyone gets so many opportunities to learn about the Divine.

God is Good,

Pastor Joe