Time To Act Glad

I am not going to lie.  2016 was not a good year for me from a Pastor’s point of view.  I mean, it WAS a good year, but not relative to my other years.  You get used to a certain quality and you expect it to remain consistent.  When it isn’t, you become disappointed.  Thus, my 2016.

However, a new year allows for new beginnings.  2017 for Emmanuel is a year of Jubilee.  It is time to be glad because we have every reason to be glad.  God is good even when we are disappointed.  So consider the many unique events we have scheduled throughout the year.  You’ll see the ‘#Jubilee2017′ in various places and a new jar has appeared at church to insert your gladness.  I am going to be glad and I hope you join us in the gladness.  Emmanuel is a rockin’ church with so much going on.  And this year?  A lot of new stuff.  A mini-orchestra, painting, roller skating, a finance class, blessing bags, REALLY big bicycle trips and much more throughout the year.  Emmanuel is re-inventing themselves and this could take us to new places.

So join us!  Bring a friend!  And know that this year is a year to be glad!

God is Good,

Pastor Joe