Wednesday Word 1.02.2019

Psalm 133:1 New International Version
1 How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity!

Turmoil takes energy. Divisiveness diverts focus. Drama drains joy. We need to be energized by our desire to show gratitude to the God who loves us. We need to pull together, pooling our talents and resources to achieve our common goals. Nobody needs drama. My personal preferences or opinions are secondary to the fulfillment of living into God’s service. It won’t always be my way. It isn’t supposed to be. We are meant to need each other.

I came back to the church in 2000 because I realized that my voice alone was too small, too weak to adequately praise our Lord. I was so right! It was in becoming part of something bigger, stronger, more deeply connected to The Word, that I came to see just how inadequate my lone efforts really were. I needed a community in which to learn and grow. Whether we know it or not, we all do.

Living in unity is good and pleasant! I want my drama between the covers of a book or on the big screen. That means that sometimes I have to put on my big girl britches and not take things personally. It really isn’t about you or me, anyway! It is about God. It is always about God. If my purpose is to worship him and share my personal experience of his love with those who don’t know him, then I will invariably rely on the help and support of my church family. It also means that I return the favor and support the call of others. It is about glorifying our Creator and Savior. It is good and pleasant to do it together. I think it must be pleasing to Our Father, too…something to pray about.

Happy New Year from your sister in Christ, Vicki