Time To Act Glad

I am not going to lie.  2016 was not a good year for me from a Pastor's point of view.  I mean, it WAS a good year, but not relative to my other years.  You get used to a certain quality and you expect it to remain consistent.  When it isn't, you

12 months, 365

Hello Emmanuel, As we work and play through another holiday season, we are invited to 'up the ante' and be happy, joyful, giving, hopeful, prayerful, etc...  Nothing is wrong to fall into the Christmas mood.  Indeed, everything is right with it.  Jesus brings us every reason to experience the joy of life

Who Is Your Saint?

Hello Emmanuel, A few notes of information: First, the time change is Saturday night.  Fall back 1 hour Second, only one service on Sunday at 10:00, lunch afterwards; meat provided; bring a side dish Third, remember the many ways you can help Brisas Del Mar Emmanuel-umc.com – make a donation Designate a